Prepurchase Inspections pt2

1579 days ago

Most independent and major dealerships will allow you to take the car to your own mechanic and have a prepurchase inspection done. I however recommend this because the mechanic that works for these dealerships may be bias and may not tell you everything that's wrong with the vehicle because their boss needs the car sold.
Its sad how some people will spend a lot of time checking a 75 cent piece of fruit at the store before they buy it but will not even think of having a $15,000 vehicle in

Pre-purchase Inspections

1580 days ago

Prepurchase inspections are important to determine the condition of the vehicle you're looking to purchase. Who wants to buy a car and 2-weeks later you're stranded or you find out a year later that due to a lack of preventative maintenance you now have an expensive repair bill.
If you pay for a prepurchase inspection and find out the vehicle has some issues it can help you negotiate the price and get a discount on it. But if the vehicle will need major work like engine or transmission

Have you considered leasing?

1581 days ago

You have to be careful of leasing a vehicle. Yes, it gives you the opportunity to have an expensive vehicle for less but if the car isnt going to be garage kept or your weekend car, you may end up owing the lease company thousands of dollars in fees & owing more than what the car is worth at the end of your lease term. If you're looking to get a car for short period of time LeaseTrader & Swapalease may be the way to go. There you can shop for cars based on their payment amount and rem

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