More Airbag Recalls

1623 days ago

Toyota will recall 135,000 2003-08 Corolla and Matrix, for faulty airbags that may not deploy properly in an accident. This airbag recall comes after the Takata airbag recall.

Do Not Forget

1624 days ago

If you′re selling your car don’t forget to delete your personal information from your vehicle’s navigation system. 2 yrs ago we bought a car & the previous owner left us GPS directions back to their home and what I also suspect was a “map target” to their family members home.

Tariff on Metal

1626 days ago

Whether you're a Trump supporter or not you may not care about tariffs on metals because you may think it may not affect you but it does. Car parts are made out of metal and if car parts manufacturers have to pay more for raw materials they will charge more for their parts. That means your local mechanic will have to charge you more based on these tariffs.

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