Hassled By The Dealer

1615 days ago

If you get your car serviced at the dealer, why would they try to sell you a new car? Because there's a high demand for used vehicles. Some of those dealers will even give you a credit towards your new vehicle if you repaired your car with them in the past year. Some of the dealers will tell you that they can get you in a new car for the same payments that you currently paying. This doesn't sound like a bad idea if you're not willing to pay for the estimate that the service department has giv

Subaru Forster Recall

1616 days ago

Subaru is recalling 366,000 Forster vehicles from the 2015-2018 year. They identified that a loose electrical connection can cause a failure in the air bag system & that the text size of the passenger in the front seat. When the airbag system doesn't detect a passenger in the front seat the airbag system system may not deploy that airbag in anicent. Sewer drivers should get their noses from the factory by November 29 this year. All repairs will be free.

Don't get hacked

1617 days ago

Some of the automakers like Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, GM and Subaru offer apps that help you unlock and lock your vehicle. Make sure you create a strong password to make it harder for hackers to get into your vehicle.

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