Oh really?!

1612 days ago

Customer: You guys installed my brakes a few days ago & now they're squeaking.
Shop: Oh, uh. They just need to break-in. Give it a few weeks & the noise will go away.
Three things will cause the brakes to squeak glazed brake rotor, thin brake rotors or cheap brakes.

Subaru Imprezas & Crosstrek Recall

1613 days ago

Subaru is recalling almost 230,000 2017-19 Imprezas & Crosstreks for bad PCV valves. These problem valves could allow oil to enter in the combustion chambers along with pieces of the PVC valve itself & cause engine damage. Subaru will be encouraging owners to come to their dealerships and have their PVC valve inspected and if need to replace for a redesign.

The New Honda e

1614 days ago

Honda's new electric vehicle, Honda e, will premiere in Europe next year. It'll have a range of 137 miles and have 152-horse power.

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