Cash for Clunkers, again?

1641 days ago

Sen. Chuck Schumer is trying to resurrect the horrible idea that was 2009's "Cash for Clunkers" law. Schumer's $454 billion proposal would be to incentivize people to trade in their vehicles and buy an electric vehicle. If history repeats a self and it sometimes does, we'll see again where lower income people will not be able to afford to trade up on these new vehicles or the maintenance on them. Operable vehicles that could be sold to lower income people so some of them can have reliable tra

Parts-installer vs Technician

1642 days ago

Parts-installer can remove any part on your car & reinstall it usually at a very good price. Example, a brake job or tune up for $20 or a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. They usually don't have updated diagnostic information for your car & if they're guess is wrong, they'll convince you that you needed that part too so you can pay for it. Warranty? "Oh. It'll be ok. Just call me if you have trouble."
Technicians are usually certified, have years of experience and/or dealership-train

Dark Oil = Oil change is due?

1643 days ago

Dark oil doesn't always mean your car needs an oil change. Detergents in motor oil cleans the soot and dirt that would be left on internal engine parts, they cause the oil to be dark.

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