Lease Might Be an Option

1470 days ago

A lease gives you the opportunity to get into a more expensive new car or a certified preowned. At the end the lease term, you turn in the car or buy it at the residual price.

Lyft Helps

1471 days ago

Lyft announced a few weeks ago that they'll give discounted or free rides for those on job interviews, job training and during the first 3 weeks on the job. If you're interested in their program, go to

Ford Flex RIP

1472 days ago

In a move to lower production costs, Ford has decided to kill the Ford Flex & the Lincoln MKT. The vehicles will be phased out by November along with 450 jobs at Oakville Assembly Plant in Ontario. CEO Jim Hackett says this is a move to make room for the New Bronco in 2020 and other smaller SUVs in the pipeline.

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