Want to Save Money on Car Insurance pt. 3

3426 days ago

Bad Credit + Lapsed Policy Payments = Higher Insurance Rates

We have all heard that paying your credit card bills on time improves your credit scores. The same is true with paying your monthly car insurance policy. If your insurance policy laps, its a strong possibility that when you renew your policy you will be paying more. It may take a few missed payments before they will cancel your policy, but it will take a lifetime of higher premiums to appreciate why lapsing is not a good

Garmin Portable Heads-Up Display

3427 days ago

Garmin's Head-Up Display projector works with your smartphone to let you see directions right on your windshield, so you can pay attention to what's happening on the road ahead and still keep up with the next turn.

Want to Save Money on Car Insurance pt. 2

3428 days ago

If you have multiple policies with one company, the chances are they will give you a discount on car insurance just by buying another policy. There’s discounts for low mileage drivers and if you have taken a driver-training course.

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