Michael Jackson helps out Jeep

3579 days ago

Jeep will use Michael Jackson's previously unreleased song "Love Never Felt So Good," in an ad campaign. The ad was created by advertising agency, GlobalHu. Does Chrysler really need the help of the King of Pop to sell Jeeps? Probably not. Chrysler sold 85,000 Jeeps in April, the most in its 73-year history.

Walmart Boardings its Reach

3582 days ago

The New York Times reports that Walmart is partnering with AutoInsurance.com to promote car insurance. They will not have a store under Walmart's roof, but it will be promoted in stores, and it will be linked throughout Walmart.com. AutoInsurance.com currently serves customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

Help Your Mechanic

3583 days ago

Tell your mechanic what the car is doing, not what you think is wrong with it. Auto systems are very complicated and interconnected, and the problem may not be what you think it is.

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