What coolant is best?

1596 days ago

What color coolant should I added my vehicle? I recommend that you only add that is already in your vehicle now. GM vehicles use a orange color in their coolant. This coolant is called Dexcool. Honda uses a blue coolant and Toyota uses a red coolant. Prestone, Peak, Valvoline & Zerex all make coolant for Asian, European and Domestic vehicles. All of these coolant types are specific for certain auto makes. If you add the wrong coolant to some of these vehicles the coolant will not mix and

When to rotate your tires

1599 days ago

How often should you rotate your tires? Your owners manual should tell you when you should rotate your tires but if your manual is missing, remember you should rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If you can't remember when to rotate your tires just do it with every oil change or every other oil change. Tire rotations help to keep your tires wearing evenly. Premature tire wear will cause you to replace your tires sooner then expected based on the quality of the tire. Also rotating th

Greensboro Police Department may need More Cop Cars

1600 days ago

A report a few weeks ago shows that Greensboro Police Department need more patrol vehicles. Greensboro has a population of 288,000 people & has 223 patrol cars. Winston-Salem has a population of 243,000 people & has 473 patrol vehicles. Asheville has 90,000 people but has 235 patrol vehicles and High Point has 252 patrol cars with a population of 111,000 people. With the lack of police cars, GPD makes up for that in police officers. Greensboro has 27.3 officers per 10,000 persons and

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